Nitidus Get Airbourne

by on Dec.14, 2007, under Press, Shows

Melbournians! Grab yourself a copy of Beat Magazine and turn to page 60 to check out the write up for Saturday’s gig, plus a sexy photo on page 83. From the article:

Local Hard rockers Nitidus are combining their forces with 2007 ARIA nominated Airbourne this Saturday December 15 at 21st Century in Frankston for what is guaranteed to be a sweaty, loud and totally unadulterated expression of rock’n’roll.

Pick up a copy today from your favourite pub, skate shop, wherever (relax, they’re free) and head down to the gig this Saturday. It’s the last Nitidus rock show for 2007 and we intend to celebrate!

Get your tickets at shop.nitidus.com.au before the gig.

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ARIA Awards recap

by on Nov.02, 2007, under Press

We’re back home in Melbourne now, hung over and exhausted after attending The 21st Annual ARIA Awards last Sunday. It had been a full day for the band, starting with a gruelling photo shoot before sharing a 5 minute limo ride to Acer Arena with some very special folks including our lady-killer manager Dre and the lovely Donna Jordee. Nitidus stumbled out onto the red carpet to the flash of photographers and were quickly approached by TV interviewers anxious to learn more about this little rock band from Melbourne. Strolling up the carpet to the arena was a blast, all of us spotting stars and giving out Nitidus badges to screaming kids along the way.

Seeing the awards live has a whole different atmosphere than watching on TV. For one thing, there was a lot more booze! Things got interesting when PC’s demonstration on the mechanics of tennis serving was misconstrued by security as an attempt to throw a bottle at the stage, though luckily things didn’t get ugly. Sitting amongst the big players of the music industry was an eye opening experience, and we’ve certainly discovered first hand that Dre is very well connected. Four bottles of Moet, several whiskeys and countless beers later, the ceremony closed for another year, with Silverchair and Sneaky Sound System cleaning up a nice collection of pointy objects.

Then the real mayhem began at the official after party! Without revealing anything too incriminating, let’s just say that what happened at that after party will live on in Nitidus rock n’ roll infamy.

For better or worse, we’ve put up a large selection of photos from the 2007 ARIA Awards. Everything from riding in the limo to walking the red carpet to hanging out with the cream of the Australian music industry… and yes, even some embarrassing moments of wild inebriated debauchery at the official ARIA after party. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) more photos at flickr.com

Plus, here’s one we found in the general media:

Bree Amer (by Aria Awards)

If you find any more ARIA photos to add, post it in a comment.

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ARIA aftermath

by on Oct.29, 2007, under Uncategorized

Check back in the next few days for a full recap of Nitidus at the ARIAs.  While you wait, why not head over to our merch page and get your ticket to see Diesel and Nitidus next Saturday, as well as other fine items for sale.

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Tune in to the ARIAs on Network Ten

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Don’t forget to tune into the ARIA Red Carpet special tonight at 7pm on Network Ten followed at 8.30pm by the ARIA Awards. If you can’t be at Acer Arena tonight, don’t miss Ten’s broadcast!

I’m here with the Nitidus boys and Dre at Acer Arena right now, and we’re just about to step onto the red carpet.  That’s right, I’m writing to you all from the back of a limo.   Gotta go meet the people, see you all next Saturday!

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Walking the red carpet

by on Oct.24, 2007, under Uncategorized

It is now official: Nitidus will not only be attending this year’s ARIA award ceremony, but will also make an appearance on the red carpet. I guess they must have heard about our LA Music Award. This is a tremendous honour and we can’t wait to inject a bit of Nitidus hard rock style to the whole event.

We will be rocking up to the red carpet at 4:26pm, making our grand entrance in an official ARIA stretch Chrysler 300cc. As our manager put it, “a real gangsta rock limo!”. Keep an eye out on Sunday 28th October, you may catch a glimpse of us on Channel Ten’s telecast.

Stay tuned for more ARIA mayhem.

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Nitidus are going to the ARIAs!

by on Oct.13, 2007, under News

The ARIAs are going to have Nitidus to deal with this year! We’re taking time out from our heavy song writing schedule to fly up to Sydney and attend the Australian Record Industry Association’s night of nights.

Thanks to our esteemed colleagues in the music industry, we’ll be strutting down the red carpet with other Australian artists you may know, such as Missy Higgins, The Veronicas, Powderfinger, silverchair and more. During the award ceremony, we’ll be sharing a table with some of the most powerful people in the music business… then killing countless brain cells at the official and unofficial after parties.

It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Naturally we’ll be taking as many photos as we can get away with, so if there’s any particular celebrity you’d like to see sharing a Kodak moment with Nitidus, let us know by posting a comment below (we’ll try and snap as many as we can).

Don’t forget to tune in to the ARIAs, which is televised on 28th October (check your local TV guide)… and then check back here for photos and other goodies. Don’t expect anything posted the next day though, as the band will be in hangover recovery mode.

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