Gig Review – EP Launch (13-08-2005)

Beat Magazine – Issue #977, 31 August 2005

Page Number 72


Gershwin Room

After a two year hard slog re-building the band due to the tragic death of their drummer in 2003, Nitidus came to St. Kilda on Saturday night to re-affirm their name in the Melbourne heavy rock scene and celebrate the fact that they are Still Here.

With four other local bands on the bill to help them launch their new EP, an early crowd had gathered in the Gershwin Room. Nevereleven and Odyssey had successfully warmed up proceedings before Rincon came on. Their metal edged rhythms saw the guitarists leaning back and giving it their all in unison; the bass player was especially animated. Their sound had some raw grunt, but the singing seriously lacked balls. The chick singer from Alphastate was on the other end of the scale. Her screaming, wailing and down right ‘get it all out’ attitude left nothing in the tank. This turned a few heads, both towards the stage and away, leaving the full-hearted fans to bustle it out up the front.

It was a long wait for Nitidus. Curtains were drawn across the front of the stage to build suspense and by this time the Gershwin room was filling up nicely. The chant of Ni – tee – dus started. Eventually the drapes were withdrawn and the crowd moved to the front of the stage. Nitidus’ lead singer PC said a few words before they began belting out a well-honed set of stadium-sized rock featuring old songs from A.S It Is and almost the entirety of new EP Still Here.

Bass player Mark was constantly amping up the crowd from the top of the fold back speakers while lead guitarist Ash took centre stage more than once to wail, much to the pleasure of the die-hards up the front. Crowd surfing greeted the heavier songs, while lighters swayed to the ballads. There were some cheesy moments, but it was mostly well received. At one (very amusing) point PC disappeared with his cordless mic, singing the rest of the song from outside the backstage door. The applause ended when a voice asked “Can you let me in?” – PC returned with a red face and a bleeding hand (apparently from banging it on a nail sticking out of the door).

By the end of their set Nitidus looked spent and fair enough too, they were going off. Drummer Doc stood up for their last song, before an encore returned Nitidus for three more. Many thanks were given by Nitidus, who truly showed why they are Still Here.

James Ridley