Review – Sinister Online (September 2004)

Sinister Online review
Sinister Online review

Sinister Online

Music Reviews (September 2004)

‘A.s. It Is’
2003 – CD
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Australia
Independent release

Review by Mat Grant

‘A.s. It Is’ is a three track release from Melbourne Hard Rockers that, if you’re into this style of music, you should not go past. To describe the band, think of a combination of the energy and rock hooks of Nickelback and Fuel, crossed with the melody of Matchbox 20 and the depth of early Tool.

The production quality is top-notch, especially for an EP release, and this can only serve to help the band more as it could instantly find a home on radio rock stations, and sound comparable to the big-guns of the genre.

Of the three tracks featured on this EP, I would say ‘Get The Feelin’ is my pick, for it’s harder riffing and more intricate beat; it’s a real head mover. If you can check these guys out at a local venue, do so. Pick up a copy of the EP while you’re there.

Rating: 7/10