Review – Beat Magazine (7 July 2004)

Beat Magazine – Issue #918, 7 July 2004

Tree Number 39



A.S. It Is
(Independent / Automatic)

Melbourne based five piece Nitidus may not be the most well known act on the scene at the moment, but with the release of their debut three-track EP A.S. It Is being picked up by the ever-growing distributors Automatic, this could be the kick-start the band needs to really prove that there’s more than enough original talent left in the local scene.

Originally starting out as a three piece act, Nitidus have been slowly growing a solid fan base since hitting the scene back in 2002.  Armed with a selection of originals, the band entered the studio (with producer Adrian Hannan in tow), with the three tracks on A.S. It Is showcasing vocalist Patrick Clemenger’s talents as a fledgling songwriter.

Crows is the first track on offer, and while the melodic hard rock aspect of the song begins with little fanfare, it soon explodes with plenty of grunt with the build up to the chorus.  Vocally, Clemenger offers the track the right amount of strength, and combined with the unobtrusive rhythm section, it makes for a solid start.

In a complete turn around of sound, Inevitable (co-written by Hannan) could easily fit onto daytime rock radio with the keyboards adding the right amount of enhancement to the swathing guitar tones.  Again, the song writing is exceptional.

Obviously Nitidus want to cover every angle of their sound on the EP, and Get The Feelin is anything unlike the previous tracks.  Taking a more metallic approach, Get The Feelin brings out a huge noise from the band, while maintaining the melodic aspect of Clemenger’s well crafted memorable songs, which when all combined, adds up to a stunning debut set.

If the band continues like this, the name Nitidus won’t remain unknown for long.

Justin Donnelly