Interview in Inpress

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Inpress interview Nitidus 11 March 2009Here’s an interview we did for Inpress Magazine a few months back for those who didn’t get to read it before.

What do you think is your band’s greatest strength?
Adam Kurzel, guitar/vocals: “Falling through stage floors, getting locked out of our own gig, touring America with seven people in an RV for five weeks and playing 4:30am gigs.”

What was your worst gig ever and why?
“Never a bad gig, except maybe for 4:30am ones; just happy to play and always on the look out for new places new people and new opportunities.”

If you could time travel back to any gig in history which would it be and why?
“Playing at the Whiskey A-Go-Go in LA in 2007. An amazing and surreal experience knowing the music and people who had graced the stage in years gone by. It’s a damn impressive wall of rock’n’roll fame.”

What movie do you think your music would best accompany and why?
“Our songs would have been featured in Watchmen, but Zack Snyder never called. I’m sure the movie will be fine even without our tracks.”

What are your plans for the immediate future? And the rest of the year?
“Upcoming Melbourne shows at Curtin Bandroom, Ruby’s Belgrave and Northcote Social Club. We aim to hit the studio to record later in the year.”

Favourite “pick me up for a bug night” drink?
“Jägerbomb or a shot of scotch whisky, that’ll put hairs on ya chest. [Drummer] Doc and [bassist] Marki are living proof.”

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Interview in Inpress

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Melbournites, purchase grab a copy of Inpress today and turn to the back page to check out a brief interview with Adam, Marki and myself.

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V-Raw Featured Artist

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Nitidus are now featured on the V-Raw website. Check it out at  Thanks V-Raw!

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Nitidus article from Buzz Magazine

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For those who missed it, here is the interview we did for Buzz Magazine, which was printed in the March 08 issue. Enjoy!

Band Watch

Nitidus: Still Here

Monique Ebrington

Nitidus first got noticed in the States before they had even set foot in the country. In 2005 the four piece from Melbourne celebrated the release of their third (and latest) Ep, Still Here, which they eagerly pushed to get out to the public – globally.

A copy of Still Here managed to find its way into the hands of the judges for the L.A. Music Awards and the band were told via email that they’d been nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ in the Hard Rock category.

‘We thought, this is bull it must be spam.’ says bassist Marki ‘We kept an eye on it though and a few days later we got an email saying, ‘congratulations you’ve won’ … we were like, holy %&@# we actually won this thing!’

Their unexpected title spurred NITIDUS to self find a trip around the West Coast of America, in a RV, to see if the fans were as receptive of the rock band as the industry. If th e amount of free beer and underwear thrown on stage is an indication of a bands worth – they were received with open … arms.

‘They know what rock and roll used to be. Rock is just so appreciated in the States – and they love Aussies,” says vocals PC

While the Australian awards industry, seemingly, haven’t caught wind of NITIDUS yet the boys were stoked to walk the red carpet at last years ARIA awards. It seems NITIDUS’ novelty in the States, however, continues with the band attracting the attention of ‘major labels’ with tracks from past Eps and new demos.

One of their more recent tracks 21 Alibis, released last year is a great example of NITIDUS’ fist in the air rock. The track begins with a barrage of drums and guitar until PC’s voice tears through a built up guitar solo reminding the listener that NITIDUS is best listened to at full volume.

Marki, PC, guitarist Adz and drummer Doc throw the same energy into every facet of the band – particularly their live shows. This might be why they’ve shared stages with the likes of Airbourne, Diesel, Noiseworks and Choirboys.

NITIDUS sure know how to put on their own guitar thrusting, fist-in-the-air rock show. Live NITIDUS are the whole package with their long hair, energetic on-stage-antics and let’s not forget PC’s leather pants.

Visit them at

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We’re on TV this Tuesday! (and Thursday and Saturday)

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AsylumTVDo you remember just over a month ago when we played a kick-ass rock show at Musicland in Fawkner? You may also remember that there were a bunch of fellas roaming around the venue that night with large video cameras and the words “Asylum TV” printed on their black t-shirts?

Channel 31 Well then, you’ll be excited to know that we just got word from the good folks at Asylum TV that they’ll be airing another episode this week, and this time it will feature that infamous performance from that fateful night. Here’s a quote from their comment post on our Myspace:

You are on Asylum tv Tuesday 2nd April 11pm Repeats Thurs 12:30 am and Sat 12 midnight all in the same week …..

This comment was posted on Wednesday March 26 2008 at 3:15 PM (OK, so I’ve been a little busy this week and haven’t checked the Myspace in a few days, sue me!). I’m sure you all noticed this by now… as I’m sure you all noticed that April 2nd is actually a Wednesday. So, what day should you tune in? Fret not kiddies, for thanks to the power of the internet, I have solved this dilema for you. According to, Asylum TV will be aired on Tuesday 1st April at 11pm AEST. Hooray!

So if you live in or near Melbourne or Geelong, be sure to tune in to Channel 31 on Tuesday night for some Nitidus action! Of course you can also tune in Thursday night or Saturday night… so you can’t miss it!

Hope you all enjoy the show, and you can tell the world what you think by posting a comment here at the Nitidus Blog.

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Grab yourself a Buzz!

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After weeks of patiently watching and waiting, I finally found the March 08 edition of Buzz Magazine is out on the streets! All you Nitidus blog subscribers will already know that this month’s issue is extra special because it features an interview with the four Nitidus boys. The interview recaps the exciting lead up to our recent LA tour, as well as a glimpse into what we have in store for you all in the near future.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and grab yourself a free copy before they’re all snapped up! You can find them where all good street mags are distributed in Melbourne and the south-east area. If you’re not in Melbourne, stay tuned to this website, we’ll keep you posted.

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Nitidus interviewed for Buzz Magazine

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Just a quick note to let you know that the boys just finished an interview for Buzz Magazine tonight. Thanks to Monique for the interview and good luck turning two hours of rock n’ roll ramblings into a coherent article. We’ll be looking for it in the next edition of Buzz Magazine, Victoria’s Biggest Street Press (just get out a ruler and measure!)

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Nitidus Get Airbourne

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Melbournians! Grab yourself a copy of Beat Magazine and turn to page 60 to check out the write up for Saturday’s gig, plus a sexy photo on page 83. From the article:

Local Hard rockers Nitidus are combining their forces with 2007 ARIA nominated Airbourne this Saturday December 15 at 21st Century in Frankston for what is guaranteed to be a sweaty, loud and totally unadulterated expression of rock’n’roll.

Pick up a copy today from your favourite pub, skate shop, wherever (relax, they’re free) and head down to the gig this Saturday. It’s the last Nitidus rock show for 2007 and we intend to celebrate!

Get your tickets at before the gig.

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ARIA Awards recap

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We’re back home in Melbourne now, hung over and exhausted after attending The 21st Annual ARIA Awards last Sunday. It had been a full day for the band, starting with a gruelling photo shoot before sharing a 5 minute limo ride to Acer Arena with some very special folks including our lady-killer manager Dre and the lovely Donna Jordee. Nitidus stumbled out onto the red carpet to the flash of photographers and were quickly approached by TV interviewers anxious to learn more about this little rock band from Melbourne. Strolling up the carpet to the arena was a blast, all of us spotting stars and giving out Nitidus badges to screaming kids along the way.

Seeing the awards live has a whole different atmosphere than watching on TV. For one thing, there was a lot more booze! Things got interesting when PC’s demonstration on the mechanics of tennis serving was misconstrued by security as an attempt to throw a bottle at the stage, though luckily things didn’t get ugly. Sitting amongst the big players of the music industry was an eye opening experience, and we’ve certainly discovered first hand that Dre is very well connected. Four bottles of Moet, several whiskeys and countless beers later, the ceremony closed for another year, with Silverchair and Sneaky Sound System cleaning up a nice collection of pointy objects.

Then the real mayhem began at the official after party! Without revealing anything too incriminating, let’s just say that what happened at that after party will live on in Nitidus rock n’ roll infamy.

For better or worse, we’ve put up a large selection of photos from the 2007 ARIA Awards. Everything from riding in the limo to walking the red carpet to hanging out with the cream of the Australian music industry… and yes, even some embarrassing moments of wild inebriated debauchery at the official ARIA after party. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus @ The ARIAs 2007 (by Kristian Grondman) more photos at

Plus, here’s one we found in the general media:

Bree Amer (by Aria Awards)

If you find any more ARIA photos to add, post it in a comment.

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Still Here.

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Still Here has arrived! Last Saturday’s EP launch was truly a special night that will stay with us forever. If you missed it… my god, you poor sucker! Fret not however, for this is merely a new beginning. The wild ride that is the Nitidus rock show is coming your way. Check the gig guide for details. Yes indeed, ROCK IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Also, make sure you grab a copy of last week’s Beat magazine before they’re all gone. It features an insightful interview and a great review of the new CD (which you can read here).

Amongst all the excitement there was one casualty: my computer, which died early last week. This means updates and emails may be a little slower for a while, but don’t panic, we won’t keep you out of the loop.
If anyone knows where I can get a good cheap notebook computer, please email me. Cheers.

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