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Newsworthy events in the world of Nitidus.

Back in Melbourne

The boys have settled back in Melbourne after their wild tour of Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and everywhere in between.  Check out the

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Nitidus arrive in Los Angeles

Hey rockers, Nitidus are officially on the road in LA. Marki and Adam made the journey across the Pacific Ocean a few days before PC and myself (Doctor K). The band finally reunited in West Hollywood, as you can see in our first video on the tour.

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LA Music Awards Nomination!

Nitidus have been nominated hard rock artist of the year at the 2006 LA Music Awards! Check it out at The LA Music Awards

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New guitarist

Throughout June and July, Nitidus have been tackling the hard task of deciding who will take over lead guitar duties. After rigorous auditions and interviews,

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