Still Here CDs now in stock!

by on Sep.02, 2015, under News, Shop

True collectors, your day has come!  For the first time ever, the original Still Here CD is available world wide!  This limited edition CD features full colour cover artwork, a four-page booklet including song lyrics and liner notes and all packaged in a jewel case for easy display and storage.

Still Here CD package

Stocks are limited, so get in quick to pick up your genuine first-run copy.  Available now through CD Baby and all good music stores.

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Still Here on JB Hi-Fi Now

by on Aug.21, 2015, under News, Shop

JB HiJB Hi-Fi Now-Fi are smashing prices on Nitidus’ recently re-released EP Still Here!  Australia’s biggest music and electronics retailer have added Still Here to their JB Hi-Fi Now streaming service.  Log in and start streaming Nitidus today!

JB… you’ve done it again.

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Still Here hits iTunes

by on Aug.20, 2015, under News, Shop

Bust out your iPhones, iPads and iPods, because Still Here has officially landed on iTunes!  All tracks are available for the standard $1.69 per track (or 99c in the US) or stream them on the new Apple Music service.  Plus you can also find 2007’s The Taste there too for some extra Nitidus lovin’.  Get it all on your favourite Apple device today!

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Still Here comes to Spotify!

by on Aug.19, 2015, under News, Radio

SpotifySpotify just got a cool shot of hard rock! The recently re-released Nitidus EP Still Here is now available on the popular on-demand music platform, ready to be added to your rock playlist.  You can listen to it right now, along with follow up EP The Taste, both available for your streaming pleasure!  Go hit that play button and get ready to rock!

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Still Here gets a global re-release!

by on Aug.18, 2015, under News, Shop

Last Thursday we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Still Here, which was originally launched in 2005 with a limited Australian release.  Back then, it wasn’t so easy to distribute music as it is today and eventually this classic CD went out of print.

That all changes today!

Marki, Ash, PC and myself (Doc) have collaborated for the first time in years to give Still Here the global release we had always intended.  Starting this week, Still Here is coming to 95+ digital stores and 15,000+ brick-and-mortar locations around the world!

Dr. Evil smirks

Global domination is at hand!

You can already find Still Here on the following services:

Google PlayDeezerRdioShazam

Others will have the EP in the coming days and weeks, including:

iTunes and Apple Music   Amazon

We will keep you posted as we add new participating stores.

Plus for the true collector, you can pick up a copy of the actual CD (complete with original four page booklet and full cover artwork) available through CD Baby and all good music stores… as soon as stock arrives.

Shockwave (Jet Truck)

We commissioned this guy to get CDs into stores quicker, but they told us there would be a 99% chance of freight combustion.

If you’re after some quality melodic hard rock, then you can’t go past Still Here, available now!

Ten years and Still Here.

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Still Here: 10 Year Anniversary!

by on Aug.13, 2015, under News

Hello, we’re back! Did you miss us?

It’s been a while between drinks, but we’re back today because it is a very special occasion. Not only is it International Lefthanders Day and Fidel Castro‘s birthday, but today also marks the tenth anniversary of Still Here, the landmark EP that brought the LA Music Award winning song Red Morning to the world!

Wow, has it been ten years?

Wow, has it been ten years?

Nitidus launched the highly anticipated follow up to A.S. It Is in front of a sell-out crowd at Melbourne’s famous Esplanade Hotel. Still Here features the first four-piece Nitidus line up, consisting of vocalist Patrick Clemenger, guitarist Ash Fyfe, bassist Marki Miklic and myself, drummer Kristian “Doctor K” Grondman.

PC commands his audience at the Still Here launch party, ten years ago today.  He still has those leather pants.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we have a special surprise for you.

For a limited time only, you can now stream the whole thing.

In its entirety.

Full length tracks.

Start to finish.

Right here.


Update: now available to stream from Spotify!

Go ahead, hit that play button and let’s journey back to 2005, a year when the Autobots prepared to launch an assault to retake their home planet Cybertron from the Decepticons.

The assault didn’t quite go as planned. Two years later, Michael Bay made millions with his live-action remake, proving that a good thing is still a good thing.

We hope you enjoy rediscovering these songs with us… and maybe wish Castro a happy birthday too, 88 years old and still here.

Do you think he would appreciate the political message in Red Morning?

Do you think he would appreciate the political message in Red Morning?

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So long! Nitidus on indefinite hiatus.

by on Jun.01, 2009, under News

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (by avpjack) It has been a long time coming, but today we’re officially announcing that Nitidus is on indefinite hiatus and will no longer be performing in the foreseeable future.  To paraphrase Billy Gould at the break up of Faith No More in 1998, The decision among the members is mutual, and there will be no pointing of fingers, no naming of names, other than stating, for the record, that ‘PC started it’. 🙂

Early in 2008, lead singer Patrick “PC” Clemenger made the hard decision to move back to New Zealand to start a family, while Nitidus continued to perform around Melbourne as a three-piece with Marki, Adam and myself (Doc).  The four of us reunited once more in February 2009 for the A.R.E.A. 9 festival in New Zealand, where we had an absolute blast.  We had great creative chemistry, despite not having played together in almost a year.  When the three of us inevitably returned to Australia, we no longer wanted to continue as Nitidus without founding member PC on the mic.  As a three piece, we feel that the band has changed significantly, and so it was agreed to hang up the Nitidus name.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, we couldn’t have come this far without you.  We hope you will continue to support us in our next endeavours, but more on that soon.

PC, Marki, Adam and Doc remain on good terms and continue to be active musicians.  You haven’t seen the last of us, so make sure you’re subscribed to this blog for news in the near future.

So long… for now.

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Nitidus lead-singer, now proud father

by on Jun.04, 2008, under News

We would like to extend a big warm welcome to the littlest member of the Nitidus family: Holly Clemenger, born on Thursday 23rd May at 3:30pm (New Zealand time) to loving parents Patrick and Karen.  Mum and bub are home and doing well… and rockstar Patrick “PC” Clemenger is now well versed in the art of nappy changing and bathing.

We wish the new Clemenger family all the best in this exciting stage of their lives.  If you would like to extend your congratulations and well wishes, you can email PC at, or drop a comment below.

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The fifth member of Nitidus

by on Oct.19, 2007, under News

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of Nitidus: our manager Andre Williams. Take a bow, Dre!

Dre says hi.

Dre heads up Fa’ Sho’ Management in Sydney, who also look after the lovely and talented Sophia. The man is in high demand, being well connected within the Australian music industry as well as back in his home town Los Angeles. With a smile that can charm the panties off a supermodel (it’s been known to happen), Dre has already begun making big things happen in the Nitidus world.

Dre and Nitidus have been collaborating unofficially for several months now ever since coming into contact through the wonders of Myspace. Now that ink has been put to paper, I dare say we’re all in for some exciting times ahead.

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Nitidus are going to the ARIAs!

by on Oct.13, 2007, under News

The ARIAs are going to have Nitidus to deal with this year! We’re taking time out from our heavy song writing schedule to fly up to Sydney and attend the Australian Record Industry Association’s night of nights.

Thanks to our esteemed colleagues in the music industry, we’ll be strutting down the red carpet with other Australian artists you may know, such as Missy Higgins, The Veronicas, Powderfinger, silverchair and more. During the award ceremony, we’ll be sharing a table with some of the most powerful people in the music business… then killing countless brain cells at the official and unofficial after parties.

It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Naturally we’ll be taking as many photos as we can get away with, so if there’s any particular celebrity you’d like to see sharing a Kodak moment with Nitidus, let us know by posting a comment below (we’ll try and snap as many as we can).

Don’t forget to tune in to the ARIAs, which is televised on 28th October (check your local TV guide)… and then check back here for photos and other goodies. Don’t expect anything posted the next day though, as the band will be in hangover recovery mode.

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