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Newsworthy events in the world of Nitidus.

Still Here CD package

Still Here CDs now in stock!

True collectors, your day has come!  For the first time ever, the original Still Here CD is available world wide!  This limited edition CD features

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Still Here hits iTunes

Bust out your iPhones, iPads and iPods, because Still Here has officially landed on iTunes!  All tracks are available for the standard $1.69 per track

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Still Here comes to Spotify!

The recently re-released Nitidus EP Still Here has arrived at the popular on-demand music platform, ready to be added to your rock playlist. You can listen to it right now, along with follow up EP The Taste, both available for your streaming pleasure!

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Still Here gets a global re-release!

Last Thursday we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Still Here, which was originally launched in 2005 with a limited Australian release. Back then, it wasn’t so easy to distribute music as it is today and eventually this classic EP went out of print. That all changes today!

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Still Here: 10 Year Anniversary!

Nitidus are back for a very special occasion: today marks the tenth anniversary of Still Here, the landmark EP that brought the LA Award winning song Red Morning to the world! To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we have arranged a special treat for you.

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So long! Nitidus on indefinite hiatus.

Today we’re officially announcing that Nitidus is on indefinite hiatus and will no longer be performing in the foreseeable future. PC, Marki, Adam and Doc remain on good terms and continue to be active musicians.

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Nitidus lead-singer, now proud father

We would like to extend a big warm welcome to the littlest member of the Nitidus family: Holly Clemenger, born on Thursday 23rd at 3:30pm (New Zealand time) to loving parents Patrick and Karen Clemenger.

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