Author: Bobby

Farewell Robb

The show at the Arthouse on the 23rd of this month will see the parting of current drummer Robb Burchett. A mutual decision between the

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In honor of Andy…

In regards to the forthcoming EP to soon be released, it has been decided that because it was originally written and recorded when the band

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Gig Updates

The show at the Hi Fi Bar has been postponed until an unconfirmed later date. We will keep you posted as soon as information becomes

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Our Apologies!

To anyone who checked the site, saw a poster or advertisement saying NITIDUS was playing on the 31st of May at 10:30pm, we were headlining,

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New Nitidus Drummer

Many an event is afoot within the Nitidus camp. First and foremost is the announcement of new drummer Robb Burchett, replacing the late Andy Simmons

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