A.S. It Is 16th anniversary digital re-release

On this day in 2003, we launched our sophomore release “A.S. It Is“. Wow, has it really been 16 years??⁠

⁠Dedicated to the late Andy Simmons, these tracks have his signature drum beats woven deep into the groves, along with some catchy vocal lines and guitar hooks. It’s also the first recording with long-time Nitidus producer Adrian Hannan.⁠⁠

Long since out of print, we’ve blown the dust off and given “A.S. It Is” a digital upgrade. You can now head to your favourite music streaming platform to hear all three original tracks: Crows, Inevitable and Get The Feelin’. Plus, in celebration of the 16th anniversary, we’ve uncovered a BONUS fourth never-before-released track called From The Inside.

All four tracks are available for streaming from today, so you can finally add them to your Spotify playlist of “early 2000’s bangers”, “Aussie indie classics” or “random songs about birds”.

⁠⁠Happy sweet sixteen to our little red EP.

Which song is your favourite? Join the celebration on our Facebook page.


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