We’re one of Commercial Radio Australia’s top 30 acts!

Somehow amongst all the chaos, this juicy little bit of news slipped past my radar until now.  Nitidus was recently judged to be one of the top 30 acts by Commercial Radio Australia in their New Artists to Radio initiative.

New Artists to Radio
New Artists to Radio

Judging was done by music directors from Austereo, DMG, Australian Radio Network and Southern Cross Media.  Apparently they thought our entry was “of excellent quality” and were very impressed with the tracks.  We’re pretty happy to be considered one of the top 30 acts by the heavy weights of Australia radio… especially since we’ve been shunned by the commercial stations many times before.  Not that we’re bitter.

New Artists 2 Radio (NA2R) is an initiative of Commercial Radio Australia – the industry body for Australia’s 260 commercial radio stations.  It’s one of the ways in which the commercial radio sector helps to nurture and support Australian musical talent. If you’re in an unsigned independent Australian band or solo artist, check out their website for details on how to enter your music into NA2R.


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