Warm up show at The Ding Dong Lounge

For the first time in months, Nitidus will appear on stage tonight (Wednesday 10th September) at the Ding Dong Lounge, one of the hottest indie rock venues in Melbourne! The boys have been itching to crank up the amps again for you all and couldn’t wait any longer… hell, rock and roll is meant to be spontaneous! If you’re in town tonight, head to Market Lane before 10pm to catch Adam, Marki and me Doctor K for a special warm up show. We couldn’t secure a plane ticket in time, so PC will be there in spirit, but we’re gonna have a blast anyway. Check out last.fm for details.

Don’t worry, we’ve got more shows coming, so make sure you’re subscribed to get all the updates. We’re also taking donations for the “fly PC back from New Zealand” fund, so head over to the shop and get some cool swag for a worthy cause.


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