The wait is almost over

Time to dust off the old gear.
Time to dust off the old gear.

After a long few months behind the scenes, Nitidus are coming back to rock your world very soon.

Some of the things that have been going on in the last few months:

As well as that, we’ve been spending some time checking out the other talented bands doing the hard yards out on the Melbourne live music scene.  Shout outs to Gretchen Lewis, Dusted Orange, Exile, Crimson Face, Kids In Cults, Against The Grain, Daddy’s Little Girl, Siren’s Gate and Lucy’s Crown.

Watch this space, more of the good stuff coming at ya!


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2 Responses

  1. OH MY YES!
    You can bet I'll be there. Not just with one, but with SEVERAL bells on.

    Thanks for the support at all our shows Dr. K, our turn to return the favor! Pumped to watch you guys rock it out again, it's been far too many years.

    And hey, you can always take up Harmonica… or not.

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