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For those who missed it, here is the interview we did for Buzz Magazine, which was printed in the March 08 issue. Enjoy!

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Nitidus: Still Here

Monique Ebrington

Nitidus first got noticed in the States before they had even set foot in the country. In 2005 the four piece from Melbourne celebrated the release of their third (and latest) Ep, Still Here, which they eagerly pushed to get out to the public – globally.

A copy of Still Here managed to find its way into the hands of the judges for the L.A. Music Awards and the band were told via email that they’d been nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ in the Hard Rock category.

‘We thought, this is bull it must be spam.’ says bassist Marki ‘We kept an eye on it though and a few days later we got an email saying, ‘congratulations you’ve won’ … we were like, holy %&@# we actually won this thing!’

Their unexpected title spurred NITIDUS to self find a trip around the West Coast of America, in a RV, to see if the fans were as receptive of the rock band as the industry. If th e amount of free beer and underwear thrown on stage is an indication of a bands worth – they were received with open … arms.

‘They know what rock and roll used to be. Rock is just so appreciated in the States – and they love Aussies,” says vocals PC

While the Australian awards industry, seemingly, haven’t caught wind of NITIDUS yet the boys were stoked to walk the red carpet at last years ARIA awards. It seems NITIDUS’ novelty in the States, however, continues with the band attracting the attention of ‘major labels’ with tracks from past Eps and new demos.

One of their more recent tracks 21 Alibis, released last year is a great example of NITIDUS’ fist in the air rock. The track begins with a barrage of drums and guitar until PC’s voice tears through a built up guitar solo reminding the listener that NITIDUS is best listened to at full volume.

Marki, PC, guitarist Adz and drummer Doc throw the same energy into every facet of the band – particularly their live shows. This might be why they’ve shared stages with the likes of Airbourne, Diesel, Noiseworks and Choirboys.

NITIDUS sure know how to put on their own guitar thrusting, fist-in-the-air rock show. Live NITIDUS are the whole package with their long hair, energetic on-stage-antics and let’s not forget PC’s leather pants.

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