Updates from the studio

Hey guys, the new tracks are coming along great. All that time on the road perfecting the songs and our performance has paid off in a big way!  This recording is seriously leaps and bounds over anything we’ve ever done before. Can’t wait to let you all listen in on what we’ve been cookin’. Bass, guitar and vocals are now all complete and it’s now down to Adrian to weave his magic on the mix. Check out some shots from the last few sessions.

IM000425.JPG IM000426.JPG IM000427.JPG IM000428.JPG IM000429.JPG IM000430.JPG IM000431.JPG IM000434.JPG IM000437.JPG IM000439.JPG IM000440.JPG IM000441.JPG

We’re heading back to the studio again tonight to hopefully complete the final mix. Stay tuned.


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