The fifth member of Nitidus

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of Nitidus: our manager Andre Williams. Take a bow, Dre!

Dre says hi.

Dre heads up Fa’ Sho’ Management in Sydney, who also look after the lovely and talented Sophia. The man is in high demand, being well connected within the Australian music industry as well as back in his home town Los Angeles. With a smile that can charm the panties off a supermodel (it’s been known to happen), Dre has already begun making big things happen in the Nitidus world.

Dre and Nitidus have been collaborating unofficially for several months now ever since coming into contact through the wonders of Myspace. Now that ink has been put to paper, I dare say we’re all in for some exciting times ahead.


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