Nitidus arrive in Los Angeles

Hey rockers, Nitidus are officially on the road in LA. Marki and Adam made the journey across the Pacific Ocean a few days before PC and myself (Doctor K). The band finally reunited in West Hollywood, as you can see in our first video on the tour.

Before our first gig date at the Key Club, the band will be taking a few days to get in tune with the local culture by checking out Universal Studios and cruising down Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards. Keep an eye on Flickr for photo highlights. Stay tuned for more updates as Nitidus get ready to rock LA!


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  1. We had a blast in LA! Unfortunately adequate internet connectivity was hard to come by, but we did manage to keep the gig calendar up to date and posted a few live photos along the way. I’m still sorting through the rest of the photos and some videos, so check back later for some more tasty morsels of LA mayhem.

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