Still Here.

Still Here has arrived! Last Saturday’s EP launch was truly a special night that will stay with us forever. If you missed it… my god, you poor sucker! Fret not however, for this is merely a new beginning. The wild ride that is the Nitidus rock show is coming your way. Check the gig guide for details. Yes indeed, ROCK IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Also, make sure you grab a copy of last week’s Beat magazine before they’re all gone. It features an insightful interview and a great review of the new CD (which you can read here).

Amongst all the excitement there was one casualty: my computer, which died early last week. This means updates and emails may be a little slower for a while, but don’t panic, we won’t keep you out of the loop.
If anyone knows where I can get a good cheap notebook computer, please email me. Cheers.


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