Nitidus on the Airwaves

This year, Nitidus have been heard on the local airwaves at Fox FM, 93.7 The Pulse and 97.9FM, but now we can add one more to the list. This time, the EP “A.S. It Is” has traveled to America where it has found airplay on Pennsylvania’s WWEC 88.3FM Elizabethtown College radio. Big thanks to Beckie B & Everclear for their support, love your work! Be sure to tune into their show online in RealAudio or on the airwaves every Tuesday night (9pm – 12am EST).

Meanwhile, MELFEST 3 is fast approaching, which is now the “official” launch of the EP “A.S. It Is” with our new distributor Automatic Distribution. Find out the full details on Friday 30th April at the Armadale Hotel.


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