Our Apologies!

To anyone who checked the site, saw a poster or advertisement saying NITIDUS was playing on the 31st of May at 10:30pm, we were headlining, and/or perhaps caught the last fifteen seconds of the show, our deepest apologies. Through a course of miscommunication with the booker, the times ended up rearranged. This didn’t appear on the site because we only found this out when we arrived at the venue; early to meet with a contact. Luckily we arrived before the first band was to start (which ended up being us) or we wouldn’t have played at all. Just a mess, but it was sorted out in the end and hopefully shouldn’t happen again.

Times for the next few shows and those still in the works are being reconfirmed in attempts to avoid this recurring and we will update when that information becomes available, possibly tomorrow. Again, we apologise for the mix up and maybe we can make up for it in the near future.


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